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The movement for Southampton to become a National Park City reflects the collective efforts of residents and groups across the city. Together, we're shaping a greener, more vibrant future for Southampton, one community initiative at a time. Are you already involved in a local project and would like to feed it in to this city-wide collective? Or would you like to join us or donate to our campaigning efforts? There are many ways to support the movement today.

Get Involved

Alongside creating a greener, healthier city, Southampton National Park City prioritises collaboration and connection. Whether you'd like to volunteer directly with us, join our committee or simply connect with other like-minded people, there's lots of ways to be part of the movement.

Get Involved
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Explore our flourishing network of hubs, where like-minded locals gather to cultivate and seed ideas, knowledges, skills and insights. These hubs serve as fertile ground for connections and collaborations, sprouting vibrant initiatives that enrich our communities.

Community Garden

Kickstart your own initiative

Do you have an idea for a project or initiative you'd like to see in your community? Are you looking for support in kickstarting this, or connecting with other collaborators? Get in touch to discuss.

Helping Hands

Are you interested in supporting the National Park City movement in Southampton? Join our friendly volunteer team. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds with a range of interests and experience.

And, if you haven't already, don't forget to take two minutes to sign the charter!



Make a donation

All funds raised go to support the running costs of the group, resourcing events and activities across Southampton.


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Like virtually all non-profits, we rely on donations and grants to continue our work to transform Southampton into a National Park City. These fund our various projects and proposals throughout the city, as well as supporting us to reach and connect with larger and more diverse groups of people.


With your support, we can fund vital projects that enhance green and blue spaces, promote biodiversity, and foster stronger connections between residents and our city's shared natural heritage. Every contribution, large or small, helps us make a tangible difference in our city. 

Partner with us
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with us

Partner with us

Everyone can support and benefit from Southampton's emergence as a National Park City. This extends not just to residents, but also businesses and other organisations, and we would love to work with you to make this happen!


We have history with working with a range of businesses and organisation in different ways. For ideas of what a partnership with us might look like, view our partnership pack on the link below.

To start a conversation, please reach out to us at

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